Store your files
Easily upload/download and store your files on the Internet. From 500 MB (File Express Service) to 4000MB(FileLink Service) of secure storage.

Protect your data

Protect your files from computer crashes, viruses, theft and prying eyes. Automatic Daily back-ups ensure that your data is secure.

Access data anywhere

Access your files at any time from anywhere.
File Express & File Link Service -
Solutions for storing and sharing your files
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  File Express
(Single User)
File Link
(Multi User)
Email Remote Control Ftp
Large File Transfer
Ease of Use
Create Folder
Use this function to create a new subfolder in the current folder.
Create a new text file
Use this function to create a new text file in the current folder.
Upload files
You can upload files to the current folder using this function.
Download files
clicking this button will pack all selected files to one Zip file for Download.
Find files and folders
You can search for files and folders in the current folder. Searching all subfolders is optional.
Find text in selected files
Search for a simple text string in all selected editable files.
Send to any folder
allows you to copy or move files directly to any folder.
Copy items
This will copy selected files and folders to the Filex clipboard.
Cut items
Similar to the copy function, but this will cut the items instead of copying them.

  Paste items
It will paste the items from the Filex clipboard to the current folder.
Rename item
You can also search and replace strings in file names
Delete items
This will delete selected files and folders.
View and change item attributes
File and folder attributes can be viewed and set.
Zip selected items
This function adds all selected files and folders to a ZIP file in the current folder.
Unzip selected zip files
This will unpack all selected ZIP files to the current folder.
Encrypt files
Use this function to encrypt or decrypt files.
Configure Filex
You can use this page to configure the appearance and behavior of Filex.
Logout current user
This will log off the current Filex user and return to the login page.
On this page you can find some useful general user information.

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